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Clock Icons

The clock icons help you quickly see when a sale will end. Red means today is the last day of the sale.
Sale has already ended
Today is the last day of the sale
Tomorrow is the last day of the sale
The sale ends in three days
The sale ends in four days
The sale ends in five days
The sale ends in six days
The sale has not started yet

Which one is the best value?

Computers are good at Math

Right below the store icon is the Unit Price.

Anything sold by weight (grams (g), Kilograms (kg), pounds (lb)) is converted to Kilograms kg.

Everything sold by volume (ml, L) is converted to Litres (L).

(I am lazy at math... yay! Computers help!)

Since both items are sold by weight...you just have to compare the two numbers to find the best deal. Better yet...when you are viewing by Category...it automatically sorts by this number! Any item sold by amount is converted to the price of 1 item.